Saturday, September 3

New Product Photography With Findings

Note: This post has been edited to remove the 'before' shots. The finished product is amazing!

I always get so excited to introduce new photography with the world! This week's artisan has had a tremendous transformation in her photography. I would love to see what happens when her whole shop is completed!

Shop of the Week: Findings
I photographed her Floral Messenger Bag.

Her bag looks absolutely beautiful! It truly shows the hard work that she put into making it (something that may not have been seen due to the prior photography shots)! It truly felt like a feminine messenger bag! 

I loved the canvas-like texture on the exterior of the purse! (This is shown in the up-close shots of the bag.) The interior of the bag was a nice bright mellow green. What isn't visible from the photographs are the velcro pocket closures in the interior of the bag. I believe there were 4 pockets and they were all close-able with the use of small velcro circles that are inside the pockets. 

Other features of the bag are the magnetic closure at the top of the bag so none of your goodies will fall out, the wooden button on the front of the bag (which is not a closure--just decoration that I think really adds beauty to the bag), and the sewn knot on the strap of the bag (which can be taken out). It adds another feminine touch to the bag. Overall, the photo shoot was wonderful and I am so glad to work with this artisan! She is a great person with beautiful work! So go check out her shop! You will not be disappointed!

Findings by Kris Juaire
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  1. A very well made messanger bag! I like the fabric she made it with. As always you did a wonderful job with the photographs! You have a great eye for detail!

    kraftykj swapbot Check out my blog #6

  2. Very cool! What an interesting post; it really does show what a difference good pictures make.

    Emika from swap-bot (Check out my blog #6)


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