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See examples of my product photography here.

A lot of interest has been generated around my product photography, so I felt it necessary to talk to you about it and offer an easy sign up form so you can become a part of the journey!

Why product photography matters to your business:
  1. Target the right customers.
    • A lot of sellers believe they're targeting the right customers--just to find out that they never were. Why? Their photographs looked nothing like what their targeted group would buy (so who were they targeting this whole time?)! When they updated and enhanced their photography, they earned more money by targeting their correct target customer!
  2. Promote your items with confidence. Advertise in the right places. 
    • A lot of sellers fear advertising in professional or local magazines, newspapers, and blogs because their photography doesn't properly display their product. Now, this is never the case! Because their items reflect their brand and product better, they are able to fine tune their targeted promotional venues--and not get turned away from any!
  3. Build a confident customer base. 
    • Showcase your items in real-life settings that allow your customers to see your quality workmanship. If your product photography looks bad, your customer will go elsewhere for the same product. This is especially important for online boutiques and small businesses.
  4. Earn more money. 
    • This is only possible with professional product photography. When your photography looks better, your business is better. You'll enjoy your own products equally as much as your customers do. Sales will increase and you will spend less time trying to better your photography and more time working on what you love.

So, want to sign up or inquire? Use the form below! All of the fields are required. 

In the "Message" box, tell me what items you want photographed and how you'd like them photographed. Any direct links to an image would be great! I will reply via email or Etsy conversation (if you provide your Etsy screen name). 

**NOTE: If you own a shop not located on Etsy or online, that is fine! I work with all kinds of boutiques and retailers! Model photography is available! :)

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