Saturday, January 7

New Photography With Camille's Closet!

Yesterday I received a beautiful package in the mail from Etsy seller Camille's Closet. I was so excited to receive it! I began setting up the photo shoot immediately. Camille, owner of Camille's Closet, requested that I photograph her jewelry with a frame--so I stuck to the fresh and simple look. I had some rustic brown frames ready to photograph the jewelry with and was amazed at how beautiful the results were! What a wonderful idea it was.

In the package there were four wax seal pendant necklaces on what seemed to be similar chains. But after reviewing it further, I realized subtle differences. All of them were unique! I showed off the differences as best as I could and was pleased to hear that Camille liked the photographs! Check them out and tell me what you think!

For more fabulous jewelry, visit Camille's Closet! She has some great deals! Currently, she's running a promotion for 50% off your entire order with coupon code CHEERS.

It was a pleasure working with Camille on this! I can't wait to work with her again! :)

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