Sunday, November 6

La Di Da-Da Di La

What a super fun title! I'm in a blah mood today. Perhaps it's due to the fact that both wonderful and blah things have happened to me. Let's just get to the good stuff first so I can lift my spirits a bit.

I've recently worked with Bonne Vie Collection on her product photography. This beautiful artist has the most amazing Tamanu Oil. It has so many benefits for your skin and can even lessen the look of stretch marks (as a female, that sounds like magic in a bottle). I loved photographing her item and will show them below! It looks gorgeous! On top of that, it's 100% natural!

Isn't the product photography beautiful?! The inspiration for this was I am just so excited to have such an impact on this up-and-coming seller! Please visit her shop. She is in the works of adding this item and much more to her shop! I see a lot of success coming! :)

Thank you so much April for allowing me to work with your amazing oil! I hope to work with you again soon! Check out her shop at Bonne Vie Collection!


Oka, so I said my day was "blah" too. Recently, I applied for a fellowship called the Orr Fellowship that was for graduating entrepreneurial seniors. I interviewed with them and long story short, I didn't make it. :( I know, I know. Can't cry over spilled milk. My problem is, I really wanted it because it centered around assisting small, high growth companies in growing their ventures. On top of that, the salary was 40k a year for 2 years. Afterwards, there was a trip to China, all paid for 10 days...

I was so upset that I didn't make it that I nearly cried. It's not that I'll never have the chance to do all those great things one day--but that I fear it will be harder to do that one day.

I have faith that all things will work out soon someday and that everything is not as bad as it seems. It's just, it really hurt. That's all. I really felt like it was my calling--just like photography and helping others (which is why I do product photography for small businesses). So, hopefully everything works out soon.

(There's really so much more to the story but it'd be insane to ruin my day with the thoughts. So, I'll leave it where it is. I am blessed to be given the opportunity to create such beautiful photos. Thank you again April for allowing me to photograph your product and express myself so that I can smile.)


  1. Thanks so much for your compliment! :)

    Your website/blog looks great too!


  2. I always like to try all natural items. This product looks awesome the way you captured the bottles.
    Always remember when one door closes another will open. Keep your head up and keep trying!!

    kraftykj Swapbot check out my blog #6

  3. That is great information. Keep your faith and He will reward you with something better!!! You are destined for great things!!!

    Check out my blog #6

    Peace & Blessings!!!


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