Saturday, July 23

Sometimes I Wish..

...that part of growing up didn't include getting a job...that my childlike fascination still existed...that I never was burdened by "making a living" or having all the things everyone else has.

Sometimes I wish...that the world looked prettier everywhere and scenes of forest animals in their natural habitat was not just viewable on tv but in person.

Sometimes I wish...that kindness paid the bills...that war never existed except the one between good and better...that "weapons" were unreal and if that word existed it would stand for bad words.

Sometimes I wish...that success was not hard to come by...luck was not necessary in our lives...and that...

I didn't have to wish for this anymore.

What do you wish sometimes?

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1 comment:

  1. Sigh. At the moment I'm wishing that I had even 10% of your skill... that third photograph actually made me sigh out loud, wistfully.

    Emika from swap-bot (Check out my blog #6)


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