Tuesday, August 9

Before and After: Product Photography Shoot With Head To Toe

I have had the honor of doing a product photography shoot with custom monogram tissue box cover artist, Christy, of Head To Toe. It was so much fun because I had never thought of doing something like this before and her work is superb! Click the photographs to visit her shop items. :)

Before vs. After    
Isn't the new look great? The look she was going for was airy, soft, majestic and clean. This has definitely been achieved through the use of proper lighting, view of the window, depth of field. 

Another "After" shot below.

Christy's work is perfect as gifts for teachers and even for our own homes! The quality of the fabric is wonderful--very strong and easy to remove and place back on the tissue box. I bet it's even easy to wash! She is so very talented. I'm glad to have done her photography so the world can see the beauty in her work. We have a lot more items to photograph and I can't wait to photograph them and show you our progress! 


  1. Wow, huge improvement on these photos! They look amazing! Makes me want to redo some of my etsy photos again. :)Thanks for stopping by one of my blogs. If you get a chance come by my other blog @ www.glasspoppies.blogspot.com

    Thanks! Amber

  2. Thank you for the compliment! It was a lot of fun! I will definitely be dropping by your blog! :)


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