Wednesday, June 1

In Need Of Relaxation?

I surely feel like I am. A lot of things happened to me today which prompted me to write my first blog entry since the beginning of receiving my internet service back! Without further ado...

A lot of people ask me, how do you do it? Photography, school, and life? I always tell them, easy. It is what I enjoy. I feel like some of the biggest problems for people jumbling everything that life has to offer them are the lack of ambition, lack of energy, and lack of love for what they do. I love what I do and cannot stop doing it. So, I set out to teach people about how to relax when in deep stress.
  1. One thing I always tell them is to sit back and enjoy the fruits of life--literally. If what you are doing must be done, then you might as well attempt to find a way enjoy it. This is especially true if it is your only option. My photographic eye began as a hobby and became something that I could enjoy and have received many compliments on. It became a wonderful career of mine that blooms everyday--in the mind, heart and soul.
  2. Secondly I tell them to relax. The more you fret over each and every detail, the worse your feelings become. Enjoy what you do and allow it to relax your nerves. If it is causing you a great deal of stress then step back from what your doing and inhale/exhale. Everything will work out--especially when you have the intention for it to and your mind is at ease. 
  3. One thing that I think is extremely important is to surround yourself with your positive emotions. Sometimes, it cannot be helped that our environment is dull and depressing but if we do not learn to banish these negative thoughts, we will drown ourselves in negativity. So, it is very important to remain positive, optimistic, and peaceful. One attempt to do this would be to post photography around the home that favors relaxing emotions. With that being said, these two photographs are very peaceful to me...the flowing leaves in the first and the calming greens in the second photograph remind me of a very sensitive phase in our lives that is real and memorable. It allows us to smile and enjoy the present moment.

These photos I recommend for moments of relaxation--others would recommend the same. What do you think about the link between photography and relaxation?

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  1. This is a wonderful post, and very timely for me right now. Nowadays I'm working so much, and when I do have time for crafting or hobbies, I feel such pressure to spend my free time wisely that I hardly enjoy it! This was a good reminder to slow down, relax, and enjoy the moment. Thank you!

    Emika from swap-bot (Check out my blog #6)


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